Rother cycle parking survey: have your say

Rother District Council, as a member of the Clean Growth UK network, is pleased to be working with a number of Brighton University Students for their MSc placements.

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One of the MSc placements is focused on active and sustainable transport, a priority area set within the new Rother Environment Strategy.

The placement aims to assess where there is currently sufficient and insufficient cycle parking in the Rother district and investigate where new cycle parking could be most beneficial.  The assessment is comprising of a public survey and a mapping exercise.

The focus of the survey is on cycle parking facilities in residential areas, town centres and other local facilities, and school and colleges. Different cycle parking solutions are suitable for different areas.

Well-located cycling facilities in town or village centres or at ‘destinations’ such as parks and open spaces, leisure and arts venues, and community facilities, are designed to encourage cycling, improve air quality, and make the street greener and more attractive for residents, shoppers and businesses.

In residential urban areas the trends in cycle parking consider the need for secure overnight parking.

Consultees and advisors on the MSc placement include the local transport authority, East Sussex County Council,  and local cycling champions:

Rother Councillor Richard Thomas, spokesperson for Promoting Liveable Neighbourhoods (Cycling and Walking) says: “It is excellent to have a MSc student from Brighton University working with us on this very worthwhile initiative. As a result of this study, Rother district will have a clearer picture of the cycle parking we already have and have some evidence what will be needed in the future.”

If you can find a few minutes to complete the survey, it would be much appreciated. The survey will close on 31st March.

Published: 5th March 2021

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