Public toilet provision in Bexhill – District plea to Town Council

A DISTRICT Council chief is urging the Town Council to continue to work with his authority to ensure the future of public toilet provision in Bexhill.

Councillor Doug Oliver, Leader of Rother District Council, says the District Council and Bexhill Town Council have been discussing the issue for 18 months, but the Town Council has not been able to agree to run the service.

Councillor Oliver says he understands the Town Council’s concerns over the transfer but believes an agreement can be reached as both councils want to do what’s best for the residents of Bexhill.

“I believe everything is in place for Bexhill Town Council to provide public toilets in the town,” said Councillor Oliver. “The Town Council has already raised £150,000 from local taxpayers to run the service in 2023/24, the District Council has offered £218,000 of Community Infrastructure funding to support renovation works, and on top of that we’ve offered 99-125-year leases in line with toilet services already successfully devolved to other parishes.

“I know that the Town Council wants the deal to include the transfer of buildings, but we have a duty to council taxpayers to get the best value for them. A fact now even more important as we face a budget shortfall next year of £3.8 million pounds.

“I firmly believe the Town Council wants exactly the same outcome as the District Council – an agreement for them to provide public toilets in Bexhill. That’s certainly what residents want so I urge the Town Council to continue to work with us to reach a deal,” added Councillor Oliver.

Published: 27th October 2023

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