Have you signed up for online bills?

Annual council tax bills are hitting doormats across the Rother district this week, but do you still need a paper copy?

After you’ve read the letter and before you pop it in the recycling, please consider signing up for online billing.

Every March we post out 47,000 council tax bills to residents and spend over £45,000 on printing and postage costs for annual billing – reducing this number could help us lessen our environmental impact and spend more on frontline services.

47,000 - The number of council tax bills we post to Rother households each year

You can opt out of receiving a paper copy of next year’s council tax bill by registering for a personalised online account – it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

You’ll just need your council tax reference number which you can find on your paper bill.

£45,000 - How much council tax bills normally cost us in printing and postage

Through your online account, you will be able to download a digital version of your council tax bill and also keep track of direct debit dates so you’ll know when payments are due to go out.

To request an online account, you will first need a My Rother digital account, which also enables you to access a range of services and report issues directly to the council.

To join My Rother and set up an account for online billing, visit My Rother.

Published: 14th March 2024

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