Eyesore roundabout gets long-awaited makeover

Council leaders are celebrating the long-awaited transformation of an important gateway into Bexhill.

Rother District Council has spent several years trying to encourage the owners of Ravenside roundabout – National Highways, to take action over the eyesore.

Last week work to tidy the site was finally completed, leaving it free of invasive weeds and litter.

Council leader Cllr Doug Oliver said: “We are delighted that our efforts and patience have finally paid off and that the eyesore is no more.  The roundabout has been a real embarrassment for a number of years and gives the wrong impression to those travelling into the town.

“Not owning the roundabout has made it extremely challenging for Rother District Council to take action itself, but our perseverance over the past few years has finally paid off.

“We would like to thank National Highways for acting on our concerns and giving the area a much-needed revamp.”

National Highways removed invasive weeds from the roundabout before removing contaminated soil to ensure they do not grow back, and cleaned, repaired and repainted the surrounding tiles.

With the first phase of the project complete, Rother District Council will now be looking at options to use the roundabout to give the right impression of the town.

Cllr Oliver added: “Working with others has been pivotal to getting this result and we will continue to work in partnership for the next phase of the project.  We hope to use the roundabout to give the best possible first impression to those visiting Bexhill and will work with community groups to achieve this.”


Published: 28th September 2023

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