Council urges residents – don’t spoil all your hard work when it comes to recycling

Rother District Council is urging its residents not to spoil all their hard work when it comes to recycling and helping the environment.

Over the last few months, there has been a worrying trend of increased contamination in household recycling. Contamination is unwanted materials contained within recycling bins – which can reduce the amount of material that ends up being recycled.

Recycling should be placed loose into recycling bins. The Council is asking residents not to place sacks/bags into the recycling bins, as this may result in it not being collected.

The Council says it needs to be able to see that the collected material is recyclable, and sacks give the appearance of household waste and, therefore, will be rejected as contamination. Residents are being asked to place their recycling into their recycling bin loose and then put the refuse sack or carrier bag into a nearby household waste bin. Alternatively, they can use a bag for life or a reusable container to transport their recycling to their bin store and then take this container back to their property.

Residents can find a full list of what can and cannot be recycled on the Council’s website by clicking the following link: What can I put in my bin/sack?. People are encouraged to review the list to ensure they’re up to date and share this with family and friends.

The Council has thanked people across Rother for their continued efforts to recycle correctly.

Published: 30th June 2023

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