Coronavirus (COVID-19) Community Support

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, residents, voluntary groups and communities in the Rother District have come together to support the vulnerable, elderly and those in self-isolation.

For details of known support groups within the Rother District, please visit the Rother Voluntary Action website.

  • If you know someone who is self-isolating, contact them via phone and text and check that they’re ok. By its very nature, self-isolation is a solitary experience and their wellbeing will likely be improved by talking to someone.
  • Public Health England (PHE) has advised people who are self-isolating to do what they can to avoid visitors to their home and any deliveries of groceries, medications or other shopping to be left at the door so please ensure that when you are providing support this advice is followed.

However, there are vulnerable people who are self-isolating within our community who do not have access to such support.

If you are someone who needs help, or you know of someone who needs help please complete the short form below to enable us to match your details to one of our trusted partners. 

We are also aware that there are people asking how they can help, as well as organisations having several volunteers who may be self-isolating. We and Rother Voluntary Action (RVA) are co-ordinating a response to the call for volunteers to look after vulnerable residents during this time and ask that you also complete the form below.

Alternatively, we have a dedicated contact centre who can take details, 01424 787000, option 4.

If you can use the online form, please do so to allow us to support those who do not have internet access.