In order to apply, you must:

  • Be a “fit and proper” person, including an operating address within Rother
  • Undertake a DBS (CRB) check
  • Provide two character references

You do not need to hold any other licence to be issued with an operator’s licence.

Operator Licence for Existing Dual Drivers

If you already hold a Dual Driver’s licence, you will not be required to undertake an additional DBS check or provide separate references.

Operator Licence for non-Dual Driver Licence Holders

If your operator’s licence is to stand alone from a driver’s licence, please contact the Licensing Officer to arrange an appointment to which you should bring your completed form, together with:

  • Payment for the application plus the DBS check (see Application Fees page).  This can be made online before your appointment on our Online Payment System. If you pay online you will be emailed your receipt, please show this to the Licensing Officer during your appointment.
  • Driving licence – photo card and paper counterpart
  • Passport or birth certificate
  • Household utility bill/bank statement not more than 3 months old, confirming your current address
  • Passport style photo
  • Full address history for the last five years
  • Employment history giving name and address for the past 5 years.

Applications cannot be determined until a response has been received from the DBS and the process may take up to 6/8 weeks. You cannot operate as a Private Hire Operator until your licence has been determined.

Operator Licence Renewals

Once licensed, the appropriate renewal documentation will be sent to you about 8 weeks before the expiry of your Operator’s Licence. As part of your renewal you will need to:

If you hold a Rother Dual Driver Licence you will not need to provide a DBS for the renewal.

You are reminded that it is your responsibility, not the Council’s, to renew your Licence and if you fail to do so before the its expiry then you will not be permitted to make provision for the invitation or the acceptance of bookings until the licence has been renewed.

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