All applications forms must be downloaded from our website. Fees are not refunded if applications are withdrawn or licenses surrendered or revoked.

Dual Driver Applications

Driver New Application (one year)£235
Driver New Applications (Three Years)£480
Driver Renewal (One Year)£210
Driver Renewal (Three Years)£370
Disclosure and Barring Service (If part of an application)£60
Knowledge (2nd Test/3rd or More Tests)£50/£70
English Proficiency Test£30

Vehicle Applications

Private Hire Vehicle Licence (Renewal – Paper Application)£225
Private Hire Vehicle Licence (Renewal – Online Application£215
Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence (New Application – One Year)£240
Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence (Renewal – Paper Application)£240
Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence (Renewal – Online Application)£230
Transfer of Ownership (Vehicle Licence)£60
Change of Vehicle Registration£60
Application for Exemption Certificate (If not part of an application)£100

Operator Licence Fees

Private Hire Operator (3 years and less than 20 vehicles)£315
Private Hire Operator (5 years and less than 20 vehicles)£525
Private Hire Operator (3 years and 20 or more vehicles)£630
Private Hire Operator (5 years and 20 or more vehicles)£1000

Miscellaneous Fees

Replacement External Plate£60
Replacement Internal Plate£30
Replacement Driver Badge£30
Replacement Licence£30
Door Signs£20 each
Disclosure and Barring Service (If not part of an application)£220
Additional Admin Charges (E.g. second insurance cover note received)£45
Guidance Booklet£10
Inspections and visits away from Council Offices at the licence holders requestFrom £55
Withdrawn Applications Administration Fee£135

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Fees from April 2019

You can make your payment online using our Online Payment System. If you pay online you will be emailed a copy of your receipt. If your application requires you to see a Licensing Officer, please make sure you can present a copy of your receipt at your appointment. You can bring a paper copy with you or we are happy to look at the electronic copy on your phone.

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