Classes of premises licenceApplication fee in respect of provisional statement premisesApplication fee in respect of other premisesAnnual feeFee for application to vary licenceFee for application to transfer a licenseFee for application for reinstatement of a licenceMaximum fee for application for provisional statement
Large casino£5,000£10,000£10,000£5,000£2,150£2,150£10,000
Small casino£3,000£8,000£5,000£4,000£1,800£1,800£8,000
Adult gaming centre£1,200£2,000£1,000£1,000£1,200£1,200£2,000
Betting (track)£950£2,500£1,000£1,250£950£950£2,500
Family entertainment centre£950£2,000£750£1,000£950£950£2,000
Betting (other)£1,200£3,000£600£1,500£1,200£1,200£3,000

There is no reduction in price for licences with seasonal conditions.

The fee for a change of circumstance is £50 and the fee for a copy of the Licence is £25.

Please make sure you visit our permit fees page if you are intending to install any additional gaming machines at a licensed premises.


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