In response to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have made the decision to close the following car parks until further notice:
  • Camber Western
  • Camber Central
  • Old Lydd Road
The Government has encouraged all UK residents to follow social distancing measures to reduce social interaction between people in order to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Read the latest update on Coronavirus.

Based on the latest government advice, we’re adapting our services during the ongoing situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19). We’re working to help ensure the safety of our residents, visitors, local businesses and our staff.

Please be aware that RNLI Lifeguard services have been postponed on all Rother beaches until further notice.

Council beach offices are now closed to members of the public and where possible staff are working from home.

Camber, located east of the ancient town of Rye, has over 2 miles of beach, and much of it is golden sands! It is home to the only sand dune system in East Sussex, which provides a valuable natural habitat to many animals and plants.

Please ensure you swim within the marked area.

Information relating to beach safety is also available from the Rother District Council Coastal Officer, the Beach Patrol Team as well as signage on entrance to the beaches.

Camber Sands is known for its sandy beach, dunes and its flat and calm nature but there is some important safety information you should be aware of:

  • Beware of fast incoming tides – check the tide times

  • Beware of sandbars – don’t get cut off by the tide

  • Always wear clothing designed for swimming – when wet, normal clothes can cause you to sink!

  • Beware of soft sand and mud exposed at low tide

  • Do not dig deep holes or tunnels in the sand

  • Weeverfish can sting, wear suitable footwear when paddling at low tide

  • Alcohol and swimming don’t mix

  • Stay away from groynes and outfall pipes

  • Keep clear of the Harbour entrance, there are very strong currents and boats in the area.

  • Safety signs are located along the foreshore, make sure you read the information and familiarise yourself with the environment.

Speak to our Coastal Officer, beach patrol staff or the RNLI lifeguards if you are unsure.

Know your flags

Swim, body board or use inflatables between the two red and yellow flags, this is where the lifeguards are.

Surf or kayak between the black and white chequered flags.

Do not enter the water when the red flags are flying.

Offshore winds will blow you out to sea – do not use inflatables when the orange flag or sock is flying.

Visiting with children

Bexhill and Camber Sands beaches operate a wristband system to assist in reuniting lost children. Please visit the coastal office or speak to beach patrol if you are visiting with children so that we can make sure your visit to our coastline is a safe and enjoyable one.

At these beaches we encourage you to swim between the red and yellow flags, this is where the lifeguards are. Remember, your children are your responsibility. Please keep them in your sight and do not let them enter the water alone if they can’t swim or have limited swimming ability.

Coastwise provide safety information for children, click here to view:

Kite and Water Sports Activities at Camber Sands

There is a ‘Water Sports Zone’ suitable for kite surfing and other water sports activities located at Broomhill car park, Camber Sands.

To make the beach a safer environment for the family, the beach is zoned to separate activities. Broomhill car park provides free parking and from there you can walk directly on to the area of the beach designated for kite and water sports.

Details of the zones are shown on signage at the entrances to the beach.

Kite Safe

Don’t launch near the rocks.

  • Over 90% of serious accidents occur during launching
  • Launch at least 50m from objects or 3rd parties
  • Stay within the designated kite zones
  • Ideally launch at the water’s edge
  • Don’t ride without insurance

Kitesurfing Codes of Conduct

  • Riders must hold 3rd party insurance
  • Be sure you can handle the prevailing weather conditions, if unsure do not go out
  • Only fly within the designated zones
  • Always assist fellow kiters when launching and landing
  • Always use an effective leashing system
  • Wrap your lines when not in use and secure your kite properly away from other beach users
  • Pump your kite, then carry it to the water’s edge to attach lines and launch safely away from hazards
  • Keep a safe distance from other water users and abide by the navigation laws
  • Never ride alone
  • You are advised to wear a suitable helmet
  • If you lose your kite or board on the water always report it to the coastguard
  • Violating these rules puts yourself and third parties in danger, which will jeopardise the sport on Camber beach

Specific Location Risks and Rules

  • Avoid wooden groynes, rock boulder and do not kitesurf 3 hours either side of high tide
  • Shore break and strong currents at high tide
  • Two shipwrecks to the easterly end of the beach
  • A failed launch or loose kite poses a serious danger to pedestrians and road traffic
  • All personal riders must keep out of the licensed schools instructing areas
  • Ministry of Defence training ranges on the east of the beach.  Do not enter the water when red flags are flying – MOD training times can be found on the lookout tower by the flags
  • When setting up kitesurfing kit, keep out of the way of buggies and landboarders, and tidy kit up while it’s not in use
  • On easterly and northerly winds use Greatstone beach, Northwest is offshore on Greatstone and here – do not kitesurf!

For further information about beach facilities at Camber please call our Coast Office on 01797 225207.


For information please click the button below.


We get many requests to hold barbeques on Camber Sands. Please help us care for the beach environment and other users’ safety and enjoyment by following these guidelines:

  • Do not use disposable barbeques
  • Gas powered barbeques that are raised off the sand are the only ones permitted on Camber Beach
  • Use the western end of Camber Sands beach for barbeques
  • Barbeques of any kind are prohibited in the sand dunes
  • Permission for large numbers (10+) of people should be sought from the Neighbourhood Services Office in advance.

For further information please call 01424 787531 or email us at

Dog Control Information

Dogs are not permitted in zoned areas between 1 May and 30 September.

Horse Riding at Camber Sands

For more information on Horse Riding at Camber Sands: Horse Riding at Camber Sands

Jet Skis

For further information on Jet Skis: Jet Skis


There are three car parks operated by Rother District Council at Camber:

  • Camber Central – TN31 7RH.  Between 1 April and 30 September parking is pay on entry, at all other times there are pay and display machines available.
  • Old Lydd Road – TN31 7RH, this is a pay and display car park.
  • Western Car Park – TN31 7RB.  Summer season – from Good Friday through to the first Sunday in October – the car park opens at 8.30am and closes at 6pm.  Winter season – from the first Monday in October until the day before Good Friday – the car park opens weekends only and every day during school holidays and Christmas and New Year Bank holidays – from at 8.30am until 6pm or dusk whichever is earliest.

Please note:  From 1 April to 30 September the gates to the Central car park are locked at 8pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.  The entrance gates at Western car park are locked at 6pm every day and the exit gates are locked at 8pm.