Q: What is Sussex Homemove?


Sussex Homemove (also known as the Housing Register) is the choice based lettings scheme that Rother District Council uses to advertise social housing properties available in Rother.

You will need to complete an online pre-assessment to see if you are eligible for social housing.  If you are eligible you will then be asked to complete an online application form.

At the end of the online application form you will also be asked to upload your supporting documents. Your application will be assessed once we have received all your supporting documents. This will take up to 60 working days.

The 60 working days starts on the provision of new information and therefore it is key to either submit all evidence at the time of application or submit it when you have it all. Following a request for information it will be down to the customer to provide this and Rother will not actively chase the customer to provide this information

If your application is accepted, we will let you know and then you can bid for properties on Sussex Homemove.

More information and how to apply can be found on our Sussex Homemove how to apply page.

Q: What is Choice Based Lettings?


The choice based lettings scheme in Rother is known as Sussex Homemove (also known as the Housing Register). It allows you to bid for social housing properties that are available once your application is accepted.  

There is more information on our Sussex Homemove scheme page which explains the process from applying to the scheme to choosing and bidding for a new home.  

Q: What is the housing register?


This is a list of all the people who are eligible to rent social housing or who want to transfer from an existing social housing property.  

Rother District Council does not own any council housing. Social housing in Rother is provided by registered providers through the Sussex Homemove Scheme.  

Q: What is social housing and registered provider?


The terms social housing and registered provider are defined in the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008.  

Social housing includes low cost rental (such as affordable rent properties) and low-cost home ownership.  

Registered providers include local authority landlords and private registered providers (such as not-for-profit housing associations and for-profit organisations).  

Q: Who is eligible for social housing and can join the Sussex Homemove Scheme?


To be eligible you will need to:  

  • be at least 16 years old  
  • have a recognised local connection to Rother 
  • have an identified housing need  

The following people are not eligible for social housing and join Sussex Homemove 

  • anyone under the age of 16  
  • households subject to immigration control who are ineligible for assistance  
  • other persons from abroad who are ineligible for assistance  
  • households living outside the UK   
  • households currently in prison  
  • households with significant rent arrears still outstanding to any former landlord  
  • households considered by the local authority to have caused anti-social behaviour  
  • households considered to have sufficient financial resources in order to meet their own housing needs  
  • those without a local residency connection (with limited exceptions)  
  • households giving false or misleading information or withholding information that has been reasonably requested.  

For further information see our Housing Allocations Policy 

Q: What is a housing need?


A household may have a housing need if any of the following apply:  

  • under-occupation of a social housing property   
  • unhygienic or overcrowded housing   
  • lacking bedrooms  
  • medical conditions  
  • risk of personal harm  
  • the need for works to be carried out on existing social housing properties  
  • bedroom requirements for fostering and adoption  
  • the need for adaptations  
  • the need of applicants who have served recently in the armed forces  
  • welfare and social needs  
  • exceptional circumstances.  

Q: How do I apply to join Sussex Homemove?


You will need to complete an online pre-assessment to see if you are eligible for social housing.  If you are eligible you will then be asked to complete an online application form.  

For more information on how to apply go to our Sussex Homemove how to apply page.  

At the end of the application form you will also be asked to upload or bring in supporting documents. Your application will be assessed once we have received all your supporting documents. This will take up to 60 working days.  

If your application is accepted, we will let you know and then you can bid for properties on Sussex Homemove 

Q: I started a Sussex Homemove online application, how do I continue my online application?


If you started a Sussex Homemove online application and saved it, you can go back and continue the application. You will need your email address and the password you set when you started the application. Go to the Continue application page 

Q: What supporting information will I need to provide for my Sussex Homemove application?


If you are eligible to join Sussex Homemove, you must provide the documents listed below for all members of your household:  

  • Formal identification documents such as birth certificates or passports 
  • Proof of address history for the last 5  
  • Proof of income 
  • National Insurance numbers 
  • Dates of birth / pregnancy due date  
  • For any medical conditions evidence from a medical professional detailing the nature of a diagnosed medical condition AND evidence that this makes your current housing unsuitable. 

You can upload all your documents at the end of your application before you submit the form. If you are unable to upload them yourself you may bring your documents to the Town Hall, Bexhill-on-Sea, TN39 3JX and we will scan them for you.  

Your application will not be assessed until you have provided all your documents.  

Q: I can’t log in to my account


How to login to your Sussex Homemove account 


If you have not set up your account yet you will first need to create one and set up a password. 


To create your account: 

  • Click Sign in 
  • Click Already registered but without a password 
  • Select Roth from the partner dropdown 
  • Enter reference number and date of birth 
  • Enter and confirm password 
  • You will then be sent a link so you can create a password 

If you have already created a password: 

  • Log back into Sussex Homemove Website. Go to the ‘Login to your account’ section on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  • Change the partner tab to ROTH, at the top of the section.  
  • Enter you email address and password, that you created when you started your application or created your account. 
  • Select Login. 

Q: I have forgotten my password?


Go to the Sussex Homemove Website. 

Go to login to your account then click forgot password 

Q: I want to add supporting documents to my application?

  • Log back into Sussex Homemove Website. Go to the ‘Login to your account’ section on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  • Change the partner tab to ROTH, at the top of the section.  
  • Enter you email address and password, that you created when you started your application or created your account. 
  • Select Login. 

Q: Add supporting documents to application

  • Now you will see another screen, with some of your details, such as your name and telephone number, etc. (On this screen you can also ‘edit’ your telephone number, mobile number, and email address.  Please keep these up to date, as the housing associations will use these contact details to arrange viewings of their properties when we nominate you for a property). 
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, there are three large buttons. Select the bottom one ‘Add supporting documents to my application’. 
  • Add your supporting document to your application, follow the instructions that you see on screen.

If you have any difficulties in logging in or providing the required information, please call our Contact Centre on 01424 787000 

Q: I have medical conditions, will they count?


Each case will be considered on your current housing situation and the medical information that you provide.  

Some people with a serious medical condition or disability may be given medical priority, although this is very rare. This only happens where a move to different property would really improve the health or quality of life of yourself or a member of your household.  

We will not make decisions based on the medical conditions of household members alone.  

For some people with serious medical conditions, moving home will not improve their health as they are already living in the most suitable accommodation that can be provided.  

There are some conditions that are not considered to be a medical priority. Examples are:  

  • those with mild to moderate asthma (or other similar ailment) made worse by damp housing conditions  
  • those with mild to moderate arthritis (or other similar ailment) made worse by their current housing conditions  
  • those with mild to moderate depression/anxiety (or other similar ailment) made worse by their current housing conditions. 

Q: Will a letter from a Medical Professional (eg. Doctor) make a difference to my application?


Please supply evidence from a medical professional detailing the nature of a diagnosed medical condition AND evidence that this makes your current housing unsuitable.  

If we need any further information, we will let you know.  

Q: I am not eligible to join Sussex Homemove, what can I do?


To join the Sussex Homemove Scheme you must meet the criteria as set out in the Housing Allocations Policy  

If you disagree with a decision that you are not eligible to join please use our Contact us form with the reasons why you do not agree with the decision  

  • as much information about your housing situation as possible. 

Q: I have a history of antisocial behaviour, can I join Sussex Homemove?


Antisocial behaviour is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity that damages or destroys another person’s quality of life (Home Office 2013). Anti-social behaviour can be committed by an individual or a group of individuals.  

Anti-social behaviour could be:  

  • Being threatening or intimidating  
  • Verbal abuse  
  • Criminal damage, vandalism or graffiti  
  • Persistent nuisance behaviour  
  • Drunken behaviour  
  • Fly tipping  
  • Noise nuisance.  

If you or anyone in your household has committed acts of antisocial behaviour, within the last 5 years, that has resulted in intervention and/or action by the Police, Local Authority or previous landlord, you may not be able to join Sussex Homemove 

We will assess your application if you or member of your households can prove that the antisocial behaviour has changed and action has been taken to address this. 

Q: I've got rent arrears, can I join Sussex Homemove?


You will not be able to join Sussex Homemove if you or any member of your household owes 8 weeks or more rent to:  

  • a former landlord 
  • a mortgage provider 
  • a freeholder 

from any tenancy, mortgage agreement or leasehold agreement in the last 5 years.  

Households that can evidence that their circumstances have changed and they are reducing their arrears through regular payments, however small, with an arrangement in place to continue to pay, may be eligible.  These applications will be considered on a case by case basis.  

Q: How do I bid for properties?


If you are accepted onto Sussex Homemove Scheme, you will receive an email confirming your Homemove reference number and your banding, which you will need to bid on available properties.   

Properties are advertised every two weeks on the Sussex Homemove site. Or you can set up a ‘property alert’ through your Sussex Homemove account to send you alerts to any suitable properties for you.  

You can make bids on this website. You can make up to three bids at a time and although it’s called ‘bidding’, no money changes hands – you’re just letting us know you’re interested in the property.  

Q: How can I see the properties available if I don't have access to the internet?


There are computers available at the library or at Bexhill Town Hall where you can access the Sussex Homemove site 

Q: How do I choose which property to bid for?


The adverts on Sussex Homemove will tell you about the size, type and location of the property, usually with a photo of a similar property type.  

You need to carefully read the whole advert to check that the property is suitable for your needs.  

Please ensure you look at the symbols to ensure that it is a property that you are able to bid on as some properties are only available to certain types of households, e.g. transfer tenants.   

An explanation of the symbols is available on the Sussex Homemove icons page. You can also look at the feedback to see who was successful in earlier bid rounds. This will show you which properties and areas are the most popular.  

Q: I want to bid for a property in another area but I can’t bid?


You will only be able to bid for properties in Rother unless you are registered with another local authority or the property is advertised cross boundary. 

Q: How do you decide which bid is successful?


All eligible bids for each property are placed into priority order called the ‘shortlist’. Priority is then determined by priority band.  

If more than one person in a band applies, people will then get prioritised in date order from the time they went into that band. In  

With the exception of Band A cases applicants with a local connection to the parish cluster will also be prioritised. 

In addition, in most cases priority is given to applicants where a housing duty has been accepted and the applicant is in temporary emergency accommodation placed by Rother District Council 

In some cases, where a local lettings plan exists priority is given to applicants with a specific parish connection. This will be clearly stated on the adverts. 

Q: How long will I have to wait till hear if I am successful for a property?


If you bid and are successful for a property, you will be contacted by the registered provider to complete their assessment forms and then offered a viewing of the property.  

Currently, this can take several weeks before the registered provider will be in a position to contact you about a property.  

If you do not hear you can assume you were not successful. 

You can also check your rank for each property you bid for on the website. Please note these are an indication only. 

Q: What is my bidding number?


When you submit your online Sussex Homemove application, you will be given a reference number.   

Please keep a note of this number as this will be your bidding number if your application is accepted. You will also be given your bidding number when we let you know if you have been accepted.  

Alternatively, you can find out your bidding number by calling us on 01424 787000 

Q: What can I do if I don't know how to bid?


You can go to Bexhill Town Hall where we can show you how to bid or you can call us on 01424 787000 

Q: Can the Council put a bid on for me?


If you cannot put bids on for yourself and do not have friends or family to support you to do this, you can use the Contact us form to request automatic bidding. Please tell us the areas in Rother you wish to consider or call 01424 787000 

We may refer you to another organisation to help and support you. If you are over 60 years you can get support from Steps 

Q: I can’t bid?


If your case is still waiting to be assessed or if you have recently submitted a change of circumstances form you will not be able to bid till we have assessed your case and it has been made live. 

Q: I know a Housing Association property that has been empty for months, why hasn't it been advertised?


This could be due to a number of reasons, for example, major works being carried out to the property from when the previous tenants left.  

In addition not all Housing Association properties are offered to the Council. 

We only know of vacancies when we are asked to advertise them by our registered providers. 

You can only bid on the properties that are advertised on the Sussex Homemove website 

Q: There is a property I am interested in, please can I be considered?


By bidding for a property you are expressing your interest in it.  

Please do not contact us with specific requests for a property as we are unable to consider them. 

We have to allocate properties in accordance with our Allocations Policy.  

Q: How long does it take to get social housing?


The waiting time for social housing depends on the type and availability of property. You can view the current waiting times for Social Housing here 

We cannot tell you exactly how long it will take as the waiting times for properties are always changing. 

Q: What can I do if I think my banding is wrong?


You will need to use the contact us form giving your reasons why and provide any supporting information. We will then review your application.  

We aim to do this within 40 working days and will advise you once the decision has been made. 

Q: My circumstances have changed, what should I do?


If your circumstances have changed you must update the details on your Sussex Homemove account.  

Login to your account on the Sussex Homemove website. Click on ‘Have your circumstances changed?’ You can complete a new application form, updating any information which may have changed and submitting it at the end. Failure to do so may affect any future nominations or offers of accommodation.  

Change of circumstances could be:  

  • new address, if different to the one is currently on your application 
  • new medical conditions that we are not already aware of 
  • started or left work 
  • household income has changed 
  • a new addition to the household 
  • someone has left your household 
  • anything else that you think is relevant to your application. 

If your telephone number, mobile number or email address has changed, you can also update these details yourself by logging into your Sussex Homemove account and click on edit.  

We will review any information that you have provided.  

Q: My telephone number, mobile number or email address has changed.


If your telephone number, mobile number or email address has changed, you can update these details yourself by logging into your Sussex Homemove account and click on edit.  

It is important that you keep your details up to date as the Registered Providers will contact you either by the telephone numbers or email address that you have provided, for any viewings on properties that you have bid for.  

Q: What should I do if I'm going to be homeless soon?


If you are homeless or worried about becoming homeless we can help and support you. The Council has a range of legal duties to help people. This may involve giving advice and information or finding longer term housing.  

You should be aware that emergency accommodation and social housing is not always available to people facing homelessness, particularly single people. We will encourage you to try and stay with family and friends in the short term whilst looking for private rented accommodation, which is the quickest way to find a new home in Rother 

For more information, please go to our Homelessness page 

Q: What should I do if I can't afford to pay my rent or mortgage?


You may be at risk of losing your home, for more information, please go to our Homelessness page.  

You may also want to look at the following Money Advice Services Pages, which has some helpful advice and tips.  

Mortgage Arrears and payment Problems 

Rent Arrears and Payment Problems 

Q: What can I do if I am having problems with my neighbours?


If you are a Registered Provider tenant, please contact your Registered Provider’s Housing Officer for assistance.  

If you are renting privately, contact your landlord/letting agent and report the issues to them.  

You can also contact the Hastings and Rother Mediation Service for help to arrange a mediation meeting.  

If you are in immediate danger, please contact the Police on 999, or you can also use 101 to give information to the police or make an enquiry. Or report it on to Sussex Police 

What can I do if I have disrepair issues, such as damp, poor windows or bad wiring?  

For information about disrepair issues, please go to our Housing standards, safety and Disrepair Page.  

Q: How can I find out more about low cost home ownership/Help to Buy?


From the 1st April 2023  the Government Help to Buy Agent service is ending. The Help to Buy Agent Portals will no longer be available. As of 1st April 2023 all households that would like to express an interest in Shared Ownership housing should do so with the Registered Provider who they will be purchasing a property from.

Links to sign up with Registered Providers currently active in Rother are below:

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