Anticipated Construction Works planned for August 2022:

Breheny Civil Engineering Ltd are planning to undertake the following works during this month. The planned works will not affect pedestrian or vehicular access in Harrier Lane or The Spinney. However, our works will now start to extend further across the site and the increased construction activity will mean that we need to prevent public access to areas to safeguard health and safety:

  1. Continue installation of surface water and foul water drainage. The works involve excavation, installation and reinstatement of drainage pipes and manholes in Field 1
  2. Continue spine road construction above formation level, with further excavation of existing ground and phased installation of granular and tarmac materials as sub-base layers in Field 1
  3. Closure of the Public Right of Way (FP76) by ESCC and diversion of the PRoW routes
  4. Final ecological clearance in Fields 2 & 3
  5. Commencement of site clearance, enabling works and drainage in Fields 2 & 3
  6. Removal of excavated materials from site.
  7. Further delivery of construction materials and plant.
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