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Rother DC Housing Company was incorporated in December 2019, when the Council approved the establishment of a Local Authority Housing Company, with the initial aim to complete 1,000 new homes by 2035. Still in it’s infancy, the Company has taken on it’s first major project at the Blackfriars site in…

Blackfriars Site

After being allocated for development after many years, construction on site began in Spring 2022 with Breheny Civil Engineeering being responsible for delivering a new spine road through the development connecting Harrier Lane and The Spinney. Much of the infrastructure work undertaken by Breheny has been made possible through the…

Monthly Updates

Here you can find monthly updates regarding the development of the Blackfriars Site.

Construction to begin at the Blackfriars site in Spring 2022

Construction of Rother District Council’s flagship sustainable housing development to kick off in Spring 2022. The Blackfriars site has been allocated for development for many years and was granted planning permission in April 2021. The development, which features 70 affordable homes as well as several Passivhaus and earth sheltered properties,…

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