Creating a safe and healthy workplace can:

  • Improve morale, productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce stress and ill health
  • Help comply with the law

All of these factors can lead to a healthier, better motivated workforce, reduced absenteeism, and greater profitability. The Environmental Health service helps employers reap benefits of a healthier workplace by giving advice free of charge and making visits to businesses.

Over a million workers a year are injured in Great Britain, the cost of which falls on individuals, employers, NHS and greater society. Since 2009/10 the numbers of workplace reported accidents and related cases of ill health have remained broadly the same. Full details can be on the HSE statistics page.

This public endorsement reflects the Environmental Health service’s commitment to reducing the numbers of reported workplace accidents and illnesses locally. To do this a health and safety service plan is written for each year to set local priorities and target interventions. Please read our current  Health and Safety Service Plan. At the end of each year the performance of the service against the plan is reported.

A range of interventions are made by the Environmental Health Service for workplace health and safety matters, giving advice to business, accident and complaint investigations and proactive inspections. The approach to these interventions and their principles are detailed in the Environmental Health Enforcement Policy.

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