We monitor and support compliance in a number of different ways including through inspections, sampling visits, test purchases, advisory visits and complaint investigations. These visits will normally be based on an assessment of risk. We will give you notice that we intend to visit unless we believe that an unannounced visit is required or is more appropriate.

When we visit you our officers will:

  • Explain the reason and purpose of the visit.
  • Carry their identification card at all times, and present it on request when visiting your premises.
  • Exercise discretion in front of your customers and staff.
  • Have regard to how you approach compliance within your business, and use this information to inform future interactions with you.
  • Provide advice to support you in meeting your statutory obligations, if required.
  • Provide a written record of the visit.

Responding to Non-Compliance

Where we identify any failure to meet legal obligations, we will respond proportionately, taking account of the circumstances, in line with our Environmental Health Enforcement Policy and in the case of our Private Rented Housing Team our Statement of Principles for Determining the Amount of a Penalty Charge

Where we require you to take action to remedy any failings we will:

  • Explain the nature of the non-compliance.
  • Advise you what is required to achieve compliance, taking into account your circumstances.
  • Clearly explain any advice, actions required or decisions that we have taken.
  • Discuss time scales that are acceptable to both you and us, in relation to any actions required.
  • Provide in writing details of how to appeal against any advice provided, actions required or decisions taken, including any statutory rights to appeal.
  • Explain what will happen next, including any time scales.
  • Keep in touch with you, where required, until the matter is resolved.

Working with others

Our Environmental Health Service works closely with other Council services such as Planning and Economic Development and our aim is to provide a streamlined services to you.

We have good working relationships with other regulators such as the Fire Service, Police, Trading Standards, the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency, and this enables us to deliver a more joined up and consistent service. This includes sharing information and data on compliance and risk, where the law allows, to help target regulatory resources.

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