We also receive complaints about our licensed premises.

Service Requests

Request Type2018/192019/202020/212021/22
Service Requests Relating to Licensed Premises56529154
Service Requests Relating to Animal Licensed Premises7325
Service Requests Relating to Gambling48137
Service Requests  Relating to Taxis33286060


Premises Licences

Application Type2018/192019/202020/212021/22
New Premises Licence Applications17131820
Notification of Change to a Premises Licence3100
Applications to Transfer a Premises Licence31181224
Applications to Vary a Premises Licence4734
Applications to Vary a DPS at a Licensed Premises48473563
Minor Variations to a Premises Licence66103
New  Club Premises Certificate Application1000
Applications to Vary a Club Premises Certificate0000
New Personal Licence Applications44502941
Notification of Change to a Personal Licence28232628
Standard Temporary Event Notices Received26326133156
Late Temporary Event Notices Received51602363

Lottery Licences

Application Type2018/192019/202020/212021/22
New Lottery Applications817913
Applications to Renew a Lottery68755862
New Gaming Machines Notifications at a Licensed Premises3501
New Bingo Applications0000
Applications to Vary a Bingo Licence1000
New Family Entertainment Centre Gaming Machine Permit0001

Taxi Licences

Application Type2018/192019/202020/212021/22
New Dual Driver Applications2121713
Applications to Renew a Dual Driver19564138
New Hackney Carriage Vehicle Applications25241420
Applications to Renew a Hackney Carriage Vehicle919810190
Applications to Change a Hackney Carriage Vehicle9520
Applications to Transfer Ownership of a Hackney Carriage Vehicle510103
Applications to Change the Registration Number of a Hackney Carriage Vehicle3001
New Private Hire Vehicle Applications11216
Applications to Renew a Private Hire Vehicle38363331
Applications to Change a Private Hire Vehicle0010
Applications to Change the Registration Number of a Private Hire Vehicle0000
New Private Hire Operator Applications2102
Applications to Renew a Private Hire Operator01222

Animal Licensed Premises

Application Type2018/192019/202020/212021/22
New Applications for Boarding for Dogs in Kennels21201
Applications to renew Boarding for Dogs in KennelsN/AN/A25
New Applications for Home Boarding for Dogs1313
Applications to renew Home Boarding for Dogs21316
New Applications for Breeding of Dogs1011
Applications to renew a Dog Breeder6001
New Applications for Selling Animals as Pets4001
Applications to renew Selling Animals as PetsN/AN/A10
New Applications for Hiring Out Horses8101
Applications to renew Hiring Out HorsesN/AN/A06
New Applications for Animals for ExhibitionN/A110
Applications to renew Animals for ExhibitionN/A001

Other Licences

Application Type2018/192019/202020/212021/22
New Street Collection Applications3630711
New Trade Consent Street Applications2403
New House to House Applications81565

Live Licences

The number of Live Licences is constantly changing as new licences are granted and older Licences are surrendered or not renewed. As such we will update the table below with the number of Live Licence every quarter.

Licence TypeNumber of Live Licences
Premises Licences439
Club Premises Certificates37
Personal Alcohol Licence Holders1,522
Adult Gaming Centres3
Bingo Halls6
Gambling Premises (Non Track)5
Club Gaming Permits1
Club Machine Permits15
Gaming Machine at Licensed Premises58
Dual Drivers147
Hackney Carriage Vehicles98
Private Hire Vehicles39
Private Hire Operators21
Boatmans’ Licences5
Pleasure Boats2
Scrap Metal Site3
Scrap Metal Collector3
Hiring out Horses5
Home Boarding for Dogs21
Dog Breeding5
Boarding for Cats11
Animals for Exhibition2
Boarding in Kennels for Dogs11
Selling Animals as pets5


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