A dog who is not under control may cause a car accident, damage to property, frighten local residents or be subject to harm by others.

If your dog is wearing an up to date identification disc, we will telephone you so you may be reunited.

If the disc is out of date we may not be able to locate you. If your dog has a microchip with up to date information we will contact you; although this process takes a little longer than reading a collar and tag.

If you want to check if your dog has been seized please telephone 01424 490034. If your dog has been seized you will be charged for the costs incurred plus a statutory fee of £25.

Dogs that are not claimed by their rightful owners within 7 days are re homed.

If you see a dog that is lost and would like us to seize it, please secure the dog in some manner (e.g. by keeping it within a secure garden) and telephone 01424 490034.

Dogs in Kennels

Please telephone Animal Wardens Ltd: 01424 490034 if you have lost your dog.

To obtain a copy of our detained dog register please email envhealth@rother.gov.uk.

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