Before you can make such a report please check the details below to make sure this is a matter we can help you with.

  1. If a dog attacks a child or any person this is a matter for the Police. Please contact Sussex Police on 101.
  2. If a dog attacks another dog or any household pet we will deal with the complaint. Please complete the on-line form or telephone 01424 787000.
  3. If a dog is running loose on farmland and is worrying sheep or other livestock, the landowner is entitled to shoot the dog. Any queries on the use of firearms should be made to Sussex Police.
  4. If there is a dog within your workplace (i.e. office, pub, hotel) which customers or your co-workers are concerned about, we can investigate this as food hygiene or health and safety matter. Either complete an on-line form or phone 01424 787000.

for further information please see Controlling your dog in public: Overview – GOV.UK (

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