Details of the Council Tax charge for 2021/22 and how it’s made up.

On 8 February 2021 Councillors set Rother’s Council Tax charge for a Band ‘D’ property at £188.71, an increase of 2.5% over last year’s figure of £184.10. This means an amount of £3.63 per week, an increase of just 9p, is payable for the 60 different services provided by Rother District Council, by people living in a Band ‘D’ property.

The major precepting authorities have also decided to increase their share of the Council Tax, therefore, the total Band D Council Tax in the Rother area for 2021/22 is:

East Sussex County Council – £1,392.12 +

East Sussex County Council Social Care Precept – £151.92 +

Rother District Council – £188.71+

Sussex Police Authority – £214.91 +

East Sussex Fire Authority – £97.43

Total Band D Council Tax – £2,045.09

In addition to the above, there are charges from your Parish or Town Council plus special expenses in Bexhill and Rye. The actual amounts payable per Council Tax band for each Parish are available under Related Documents.

Information on the finances of each of the above authorities, including how the Council Tax charges are calculated, can also be found under Related Documents.

Bexhill’s increase of 59.1% on Council Tax bills

We have received some comments regarding the 59.1% increase on the Council Tax bills for Bexhill. This percentage rise relates to the sum total of the increase from the Bexhill special expenses and the Charter Trustees in 2020/21 compared to the sum total of Bexhill Special expenses and the Bexhill Parish precept in 2021/22.

While the percentage shown in the table makes this difficult to calculate, the figures are correct.

For example, for a band D property, the difference between the Bexhill special expenses (£37.37) and the Charter Trustees (£0.82)  in 2020/21 which totals £38.19 compared to the Bexhill Special expenses (£38.17) and the Bexhill Parish precept (£22.59) in 2021/22 which totals £60.76, is an increase of £22.57.

In 2020/21 the charge for Bexhill precept (Bexhill special expenses and the Charter Trustees) for a Band D property was £38.19.  If you multiply this by 59.1% this equals the £22.57 increase. 

Bexhill local precept shown above comprisesTotal Precept/ Charge (2021/22)Band D Charge (2021/22)Total Precept/ Charge (2020/21)Band D Charge (2020/21)Increase/ decrease (-)Increase %
Bexhill Charter Trustees Precept£0 £0£13,650£0.82-£0.82-100%
Bexhill-on-Sea Parish Council£371,765£22.59 £0 £0£22.59 N/A
Bexhill Special Expenses£628,100£38.17£624,080£37.37£0.802.1%
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