To report vandalism on Rother District Council or East Sussex County Council property please use the Fault Reporting service.

Offensive Graffiti

Rother District Council will act upon a report of graffiti that is offensive and will endeavour to get the owners of the property to removal the graffiti as soon as possible. 

We consider graffiti offensive if it is:

  • racist
  • contains swear words
  • sexually explicit

Graffiti on Private Property

Throughout Rother there are lots privately owned property that does get damaged with vandalism such as graffiti.  Rother District council is not responsible for the repair or removal of graffiti from private property and you should contact the owners direct.  Below is a list of common requests we receive for remove graffiti.

Privately owned street furniture

Such as Telephone boxes, Telephone street cabinets, some bus shelters and electricity boxes are the responsibility of the company that put them there.

  • Telephone Boxes and Street Cabinets – Report to BT on 0800 023 2023 (option1, option1)
  • Power Substations – Report to UK Power Networks Substation issue | UK Power Networks
  • Bus Shelter (if not owned by Rother) – Report to Clear Channel on 0800 731 3699 (pleasegive them the 8-digit reference number which is located on the front edge of the bus shelter roof)

Railway property including bridges

Reports of vandalism are dealt with by Network Rail and can be reported online Graffiti removal – Network Rail

Environment Agency Property

In Rother this will include the flood defences installed by the Agency who will deal with any vandalism reported.

Highways Property

Highway issues should be reported to East Sussex Highways, using their online Report a Problem page

A list of problems you can report vandalism and graffiti to include:

  • Street Lighting
  • Grit Bins
  • Road Signs
  • Traffic Signals
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