This Local Act of Parliament includes special provisions, which only apply in East Sussex. Some provisions have been repealed or superseded by general legislation as at April 2009, and others only apply to parts of East Sussex outside Rother.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the more important provisions:

Section 8, power to close parks. The power to close parks and pleasure grounds under section 44 of the Public Health Acts Amendment Act 1890 is extended to allow closure for up to 28 days in any one year, comprising no more than 14 consecutive days including Sundays with no more than 6 Sundays for any event to which the public have access, either gratuitously or for payment. On each occasion the Council must give reasonable prior notice thereof in a local newspaper and at the Park.

Section 12, removal of boats from the seashore. The Council may secure the removal of any boat which is on any part of the seashore under the control of the Council.

Section 13, closure of esplanades. Any portion of any esplanade, not exceeding 100 metres in length may be closed for up to 12 hours during any day for any purpose promoting health, amusement or enjoyment. A passage not less than 2 metres wide must be left and notice must be placed at each end of the enclosure.

Section 22, control of foxes. The Council may take any steps for the purpose of abating or mitigating any nuisance annoyance or damage caused in urban areas by foxes and may enter any land after giving not less than seven days’ notice.

Section 23, control of brown tail moths. The Council may require an occupier of land to take steps for the destruction of brown tail moths.

Section 28, processions, rejoicings, or illuminations. The power to make orders under Section 21 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 in relation to public processions, rejoicings, or illuminations is extended to allow orders directing particular routes to be taken by particular classes of traffic and directing or prohibiting the passage or stopping of vehicles along or in particular streets.

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