If you run a business you are legally responsible for making sure that your waste is handled and disposed of properly.

The collection of commercial waste is a competitive business area serviced by private sector companies; licensed waste contractors may be found in directories like the Yellow Pages.

The Council does not operate a commercial waste collection service. However, if requested, the Council does have a duty to make arrangements for its collection and this duty would be carried out by a contractor for which a reasonable charge must be made.

The Kier Group have recently sold their commercial waste operation to BIFFA Waste Services Limited.  BIFFA or another reputable waste provider can provide a quote for commercial waste and recycling service to businesses in the Rother area.

Telephone 0800 601601 or email customer.contact@biffa.co.uk

Commercial waste producers have a duty of care to ensure their waste is properly contained, disposed of through a licensed operator and the transfer of the waste is properly documented.

The payment of Business Rates does not entitle a business to any collection of commercial waste from the Council.

We would strongly advise businesses to consider recycling as much of their waste as possible and to discuss the matter with their waste contractor.