What is a non-dependant?

This is someone, usually 18 or older, who normally lives in your home. They are often:

  • An adult son or daughter
  • Another relative
  • Any adult who does not pay rent or Council Tax at the property

Non-dependants are not:

  • Dependant family members for whom benefit is paid, for example, a partner, young son or daughter
  • People who own all or part of your home
  • A joint tenant or sub tenant
  • Professional carers
  • Someone who lives in the property on a commercial basis.

How is Housing Benefit affected?

If you have a non-dependant living in your household the amount of benefit that can be paid may be reduced. This is because it is reasonable to expect the non-dependant to make a contribution towards the household expenses.

The amount of deduction is set each year by the government and depends on the income of the non-dependant. For April 2023 to March 2024 the amount of weekly deduction is:

Income TypeGross IncomeDeduction
Aged 18 or over and in paid work £511.00 and above£116.75
Aged 18 or over and in paid work £410.00 – £510.99£106.35
Aged 18 or over and in paid work £308.00 – £409.99£93.40
Aged 18 or over and in paid work £236.00 – £307.99£57.10
Aged 18 or over and in paid work £162.00 – £235.99£41.60
Aged 18 or over and in paid work Less than £162.0018.10
Non-dependants not in remunerative work N/A18.10
In receipt of Pension Credit N/ANIL
Aged 25 or over and on IS or JSA (IB) N/A18.10
Under 25 and on IS or JSA ( IB) N/ANIL
Main Phase ESA (IR) N/A18.10
Non Main Phase ESA (IR) N/ANIL

When is a non-dependant deduction not made?

No deduction is made where:

  • A claimant or partner is registered blind
  • A claimant or partner is in receipt of Attendance Allowance or a care component of Disability Living Allowance
  • A non-dependant is a student or receives a youth training allowance
  • A non-dependant has been an hospital in-patient for more than six weeks

What if there is more than one non-dependant?

A separate deduction is made for each non-dependant in the household. If two non-dependants are married to each other or are treated as a couple, only one deduction will be made for them. The amount of the deduction is based on their joint income.

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