Disagree with our decision?

If you think our decision is wrong, you have the right to:

  • Ask for an explanation of our decision
  • Ask us to reconsider our decision

Asking for an explanation of our decision 

If you want us to explain our decision you must write to us. Your letter must:

  1. identify the decision you want explained
  2. include the date of our decision, which you want explained
  3. be signed by you – including where someone else has written a letter on your behalf

Making an appeal

If you wish to appeal a Council Tax Reduction decision you should write to the Benefits Section stating why you think the decision is wrong.

We will look at your claim again and write to you with our decision. If we do not respond to you within two months, or if you are still aggrieved by the decision you may appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. Please visit www.valuationtribunal.gov.uk and follow their instructions on how to appeal.

If you would like an explanation or wish to appeal please send your request to the following address:

Benefits Department
Rother District Council
Post Handling Service
PO Box 10665

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