District Local Plan 2006


District Local Plan 2006

This Local Plan, adopted in July 2006, Notice of Adoption and statement of compliance with the NPPF are available to download. Saved policies not superseded by the Core Strategy remain part of the statutory 'development plan'.

The Local Plan sets out the development strategy for Rother District.  It contains policies for different types of development as well as town strategies and specific site allocations.

The Local Plan comprises the Written Statement, (see Related Media), the Proposals Map and component 'Inset Maps' (see Related Pages) which shows the locations where specific policies and proposals apply.

The Local Plan, together with the adopted South East Plan, comprises the statutory 'development plan' for Rother, as all the Local Plan policies have been 'saved' by the Secretary of State (see Rother District Direction and decision letter under Related Media).

However, following publication of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in March 2012, such policies should be given 'due weight' depending on their degree of consistency with the Framework.

An exercise to determine which 'saved' local plan policies are consistent with the NPPF has been undertaken.  This was considered by Cabinet on 2 July 2012 (see Related Media). No Local Plan policy was found to be not compliant with the NPPF, but one policy, DS6 - Managing Housing Release, was found to be only partially compliant with the NPPF.

Legislation requires that planning applications be determined in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.  This means that these policies continue to be applied in the determination of planning applications, pending adoption of the Rother Core Strategy and/or the Development and Site Allocations Plan, as appropriate, which will duly form the new Local Plan for the district.

More information about progress of the Council's new Local Plan (formerly known as the Development Framework) which covers the period 2011-2028 and will replace the relevant policies of the Local Plan (when adopted).

You can access an interactive version of the Local Plan here. If you need assistance to navigate around it, there is a Help page on the interactive site.


Please note: the interactive version of the Local Plan displayed here is for informational purposes only - the legal copy of the Local Plan remains the paper copy printed by Rother District Council. If in doubt, or in cases of discrepancy, please contact the Council for advice.

Paper copies of the adopted Rother District Local Plan are available to pre-order at a price of £35.00 (plus £6 P&P). To request a copy to be sent by post, please call the Bexhill Community Help Point on (01424 787000). Payment is required in advance, and cheques should be made payable to Rother District Council.

The Rother District Local Plan was prepared by the Strategy and Environment section of the Planning Division. If you would like to contact this section, please telephone, email or write to us using the details below:

Strategy and Environment Section
Planning Division
Town Hall
East Sussex

Tel: 01424 787000
Fax: 01434 787657

Email: planningstrategy@rother.gov.uk

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