Batteries and WEEE recycling


Please be aware that the WEEE banks at our bring sites are for small electrical items only like toaster, kettles, hair driers etc. Please do not leave large items such as TV's electric heaters, hoovers etc on the floor around the bank. This is fly tipping which is an offence, please take these items directly to a household waste and recycling site


Batteries and WEEE recycling



Waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling


Yes Please!

The following are examples of the types of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) we can collect for recycling from the various WEEE banks at our recycling points


The WEEE banks are suitable for recycling small household electrical items only such as;

  • phones
  • remote controls
  • electronic toys
  • hair dryers
  • kettles
  • irons
  • radios

All other larger items of WEEE, for instance computers, television sets, cookers, washing machines, etc can be either taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Sites (external link), or click this link to our Bulky Household Waste Collections page. If you are replacing a household good you usually have the option of asking for your old product to be removed, usually at a cost.



Standard every day household batteries. Not larger specialist batteries such as car batteries etc.

Please place any standard household batteries in a carrier bag next to or on top of your green recycling bin, but not in it. Do not use black bin liner as these cannot be recycled.

Alternatively most supermarkets have battery recycling bins in their stores.

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