Community Governance Review of Bexhill-on-Sea

Community Governance Review of Bexhill-on-Sea

This community governance review applies to the 9 wards of Bexhill-on-Sea. The review has two consultation phases over 2017.

First consultation phase: 9 January 2017 to 31 March 2017 is CLOSED

We asked for more information and evidence about the options for governing Bexhill.  This would help the Council to get enough information to reduce all the many governance options down to a shortlist.  The first round of consultation gave local people the opportunity to get involved and have their say at the earliest point in the review process and helped publicise the review and share information on the governance models.

Thank you to all those that responded.  We appreciate your time and effort in taking part.  Press on the panels below to see information on the possible governance options that were under consideration and the responses we received.

The Bexhill Community Governance Review Steering Group is a group of councillors who are organising the review process.  Click this link for the Steering Group meetings agendas, reports and minutes 

The Steering Group met on 22nd May, considered all information, and decided to recommend three options for the second round of consultation. Their short list is no change, a town council for all 9 wards in Bexhill and an area committee for Bexhill.  The Council continues to have no preference at this stage.

What happens next?

1.  On 12 June, the review's Steering Group reports its findings and recommended shortlist of governance options to its managing committee, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.  Read the agenda for Monday 12 June 2017 where  Overview and Scrutiny Committee will debate the evidence and recommend an options shortlist to Cabinet.

2.  Cabinet meets on 3 July.  Cabinet meetings in 2017 The staff are working on costing the short listed options and that information will be available by the Cabinet meeting at the latest date.

3.  Cabinet will send a shortlist to the full Council on 10 July where all the councillors will make a final decision. 

4.  The Council will carry out a formal public consultation on the short listed options for governance.  The consultation is planned to start on 11 July and run for 8 weeks. This will be your opportunity to choose your preferred option. 

If you have any questions please email or write to Bexhill Community Governance Review, Rother District Council, Bexhill on Sea, TN39 3JX.

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