Norman Longboat sculpture located in Pevensey
Norman Longboat Sculpture located at Pevensey Castle

The 31-mile 1066 Country Walk is a relatively easy, low-level route through the countryside that witnessed the Norman Conquest. Starting at Pevensey Castle (and heading north towards the Pevensey levels), it passes Herstmonceux Castle, the historic 1066 Battle Abbey and Battlefield, medieval Winchelsea, ending in historic Rye.

£160,000 grant secured from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development helped improve the walk with new signage, information panels, benches and sculptures.

Thanks to a grant of just over £160,000 secured from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development by Rother District Councils Cultural Development & Events Officer, the 1066 Country Walk has been improved with new signage, information panels, benches and sculptures in situ.

Much of the walk passes through the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a typical medieval landscape with rolling hills and valleys, atmospheric marshes, ancient woodland, historic towns, quaint villages, old churches, rustic farms, elegant estates, oast houses and windmills, and plenty of cosy pubs and cafés along the way.

One of our core partners are 1066 Country who are leading on all the marketing for this revamped pathway. You’ll also find out more about the stunning 1066 Country and places to stay, eat and explore.  1066 Country Walk – Visit 1066 Country

You’ll also be able to download a family-friendly 1066 Country Walk Walkers Guide with beautiful illustrations by local artist Ness Mann, watch a fabulous short film created by local filmmaker Sam Moore and visuals of our 10 stunning sculptures by Sussex artist Keith Pettit. The new information panels were created by local firm The Sussex Sign Company, with all the history and local tales researched by Naomi Robinson, of local arts organisation 18 Hours Ltd. Mandy Curtis of 18 Hours Ltd also developed a sister project called the 1066 Walk Puddings and Pathways Festival which has been very successful for all who’ve engaged,  offering a diverse programme of street theatre along the pathways and at cafes, pubs and a winery along the walk to date.  Keep an eye on their website for updates on local events 18 Hours – Inclusive, sustainable, accessible, high quality, diverse events and cultural experiences, education and research.

One of the main successes of this project has been the enthusiasm of local champions, businesses and tourism destinations along the route that have shared the passion and vision for this project and we know are ready to welcome new visitors.

We hope you enjoy the walk!

1066 Walk Map

A high-resolution, printable copy of the map is available to download.

Sculpture Locations

Five remaining sculptures and 18 information panels will be installed soon.

SculptureLocationOS Map Ref
Landings – Norman LongboatPevensey Castle (accessible by wheelchair)

What3Words: ///Dolphins.Warping.Apprehend
TQ 64575 04809
Isti Mirant Stella – Halley’s Comet crossed the sky just before the invasionHerstmonceux Castle (accessible by wheelchair)

What3Words: ///Boarded.Ditching.Remains
TQ 65131 10211
Rest – The horses that played a vital role in the invasionAsh Tree Inn, Ashburnham

What3Words: ///Remit.Mercy.Wobbling
TQ 67593 114876
Window – The animals depicted in the border of the Bayeux TapestryBeside Great Park Farm (accessible by wheelchair)

What3Words: ///Blurs.Unhelpful.Assure
TQ 72697 14575
Bound Division – King Harold, King William and the CrownHidden in trees by the path, outside Battle Abbey

What3Words: ///Nightlife.Training.Heartened
TQ 74465 15645
Hidden Truth – The crown over which the battle was foughtBattle Great Woods

What3Words: ///Repeating.Handy.Settle
TQ 574505 15682
Farbanks Henge – Monoliths overlook the Normans’ new realmPattletons Farm, Westfield

What3Words: ///Pipe.Robe.Rich
TQ 83095 16185
Legacies – Saxon and Norman roots entwine in the English languageLower Snailham Farm, Guestling

What3Words: ///Handlebar.Attention.Robe
TQ 83110 16162
The Watcher – A sentry watching for the arriving Norman fleetWickham Manor Farm, Winchelsea

What3Words: ///Eyelash.Fabric.Tower
TQ 89825 16405
Treow (Old English for Tree) – A Bayeux Tapestry treeStart of the path at Rye (accessible by wheelchair)

What3Words: ///Impaired.Defeat.Something
TQ 91303 20241
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