Rother District Council is delighted to present this new family-friendly 1066 Walk Map, illustrated by local artist Ness Mann with support from Designer David Lavelle. Information on the reverse of the map has been collated by 18 Hours. The map is not to scale and highlights just a few of the delights of this historic pathway, including all our fabulous rural eateries (many who are cooking up 1066 themed pudding delights!). Four venues are part of the new 1066 Puddings and Pathways Festival – this year will be a small taster, also hosting street theatre in June beside the cafes (all covid-safe conditions met). Visit Puddings and Pathways Festival – 18 Hours.

Please note, this 1066 Walk Pathway project has faced many delays due to covid-19, in particular re supplier chain and furlough – our revised completion date is the end of August 2021.  Copies of this map will be distributed in early July (a list of venues holding our map will be given on all partner websites). The pathway only has approx. 20% of the new pathway infrastructure installed to date, once complete it will host a fabulous Bayeux tapestry themed sculpture trail and seating by artist Keith Pettit and over 80 signage pieces, including vibrant Information panels full of 1066 history to help guide walkers through the 31 miles. Five of the ten sculptures are installed, details for locations are on the Visit 1066 Country website, or further down this page. If unfamiliar with the route, we recommend walkers use an OS Explorer Map 124 to offer further detail.

This 1066 Walk Pathways Project has been developed since 2018 by Donna Hall, RDC Cultural Development & Events Officer working closely with our European Funders (EAFRD), partners and our commissioned Sculptor, Signage Company and Project Consultants. Contact for further information

1066 Walk Map

A high-resolution, printable copy of the map is available to download.

Sculpture Locations

Five remaining sculptures and 18 information panels will be installed soon.

SculptureLocationOS Map Ref
Isti Mirant Stella Halley’s Comet crossed the sky just before the invasionHerstmonceux CastleTQ 64545 04820
Window The animals depicted in the border of the Bayeux TapestryBeside Great Park FarmTQ 72697 14575
Bound Division King Harold, King William and the CrownHidden in trees by the path, outside Battle AbbeyTQ 74465 15645
Farbanks Henge Monoliths overlook the Normans’ new realmHare Farm, WestfieldTQ 83095 16185
The Watcher A sentry watching for the arriving Norman fleetWickham Manor FarmTQ 89825 16405