Please help by making sure you break down large boxes and flatten all your cardboard before placing into your green bin.  You will be surprised how much space is taken up in your bin and in the collection vehicle by cardboard that’s not been flattened. This results in the extra costs of providing additional recycling bins and inefficiencies because the recycling collection vehicles are filling up too quickly with bulky cardboard.

Please don’t leave whole cardboard boxes by your bin for collection. Collection operatives cannot throw these directly into the collection vehicle. For safety, collections have to be done using a bin so please help the crews by breaking down your cardboard and putting into your green recycling bin. Excess cardboard will only be collected if placed in clear/translucent/white bags


  • Corrugated Cardboard, e.g. cardboard boxes
  • Cereal packets (Cardboard)
  • Cardboard


  • Kitchen roll and tissues
  • Bubble wrap
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