Change to recycling under new waste contract starting 29th June 2019

Tetra Pak can no longer be recycled in this area so instead will be sent to Newhaven Energy Recover facility with the rest of our household waste.

Recycling of cartons is often costly and inefficient. In general, Tetra Pak cartons are comprised of 6 layers of material (including 2 types of plastic) which need to be separated. While the paperboard fibres can be recycled into pulp and used to make household products such as paper towels and toilet paper, the remaining plastic and aluminium compound residue – called PolyAl – is not recyclable and has to be incinerated at facilities such as the Newhaven Energy Recovery Facility. Until such time that more efficient and economic methods of recycling cartons are available, we’re keen to preserve the quality of the recycling we’re collecting from residents.

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