Here in Rother we are keen for residents to recycle as much as possible, sometimes this can lead to an overflowing recycling bin. Please see our tips below to help with additional recycling.  

Flattening and squashing

Cardboard boxes that aren’t broken down and flattened and plastic bottles that haven’t been squashed will take up substantially more room in your recycling bin. Please make sure you are flattening all cardboard and squashing all plastic bottles before placing them in your recycling bin. This will free up lots of extra space for additional recycling.

Think reduce and re use before recycling

It terms of the environment the best solution is to reduce the volume of stuff we use/consume in the first place. If we cannot reduce it the next best option is to re use it so we don’t have to produce more using further raw materials and resources. Recycling is the next best option for the environment only after reduce and re use. The standard equipment of a black 180 litre bin for household waste and a green 240 litre bin for recycling should provide plenty of capacity over a 2 week period for most households. Between the two bins that’s the equivalent of 8 to 9 sacks of stuff being thrown away or recycled every 2 weeks.


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