The garden waste service is a charged, fortnightly service for the collection of household garden waste to which residents may subscribe. Please be aware this service is not available for a two week period over the Christmas/New Year period, and the fortnightly service may be subject to change, without prior notice, due to circumstances beyond Rother District Councils control

Please find listed below the terms and conditions under which the Council will provide the service. This document is available in large print or braille upon request ( 01424 787000).

You can find information on your collection day on our Find My Nearest Page

Terms and Conditions for Garden Waste Collection Service

  1. The annual payment requested must be made in full in advance of service commencement/renewal date. Part payment or instalments will not be accepted.
  2. The period of service is 15th July to 14th July annually.
  3. The annual payment must be received by due date stated. Payments received after that date may result in a delay before your service is reinstated/commenced. No refund will be made for any period of delay. 
  4. The Council operates a permit/sticker system.  A sticker will only be issued on receipt of CLEARED funds.  No bin will be collected unless they have a sticker showing in the correct way as shown on the letter accompanying the sticker.  NO STICKER – NO COLLECTION
  5. Replacement stickers will be available if the original one is damaged.  The sticker cannot be removed under any circumstances.
  6. Direct Debit customers will be notified of the charges and the approximate date that these will be applied prior to the new service year commencing; if you do not wish to continue the service then you must contact your bank or building society to cancel the Direct Debit mandate before the renewal date.
  7. If payment is not received by the renewal date your service will be terminated and your brown bin will be removed.  Your brown bin must be empty and available for collection from your approved collection point.
  8. You may cancel the service at any time by writing to us at Garden Waste Service, Town Hall, Bexhill, TN39 3JX or e-mailing Please note that cancellation of the service will only take effect from the next renewal date unless you notify otherwise. Under no circumstances are we able to provide a refund for cancellations unless it is made in accordance with your statutory right to cancel (please see below paragraph titled Statutory Rights to Cancel)). Please ensure your brown bin is empty and available for collection from the date your service is terminated.
  9. The service is not available to all households throughout the District, and the Council reserves the right not to provide this service where a property is deemed to be unsuitable/unserviceable by the contractor delivering the service.
  10. A brown bin will be provided for your use and remains the property of the Council. You are responsible for maintaining the bin in good order and must notify the Council of any damage or loss.
  11. Collections will only be made from the Council provided brown bin.  The bin must not be used for any other purpose than that for which it is provided. Your bin will not be emptied if it contains anything other than garden waste.
  12. Brown bins must be presented for collection by 7am on the day specified for your property at the approved collection point, normally the edge of your property nearest the collection vehicle’s access road, sometimes referred to as the curtilage. The sticker should be showing towards the road. Failure to present your bin at the approved collection point may result in non-collection and the contractor will not return to recollect. Missed collections must be reported by 5pm the following working day and this can be done on-line by using our Missed Bin Form.
  13. What goes in the brown bin? Please see sticker for details or the reverse of the letter accompanying the sticker.
  14. Whilst all reasonable endeavours will be made to provide the service on a fortnightly basis the Council reserves the right to amend the collection service, without prior notice, due to circumstances beyond the Councils control. Although under no circumstances are we able to offer refunds for missed collections, should you have a missed collection please report it as soon as possible (please see clause 10 above) so remedial action can be taken.
  15. The service is suspended for a 2 week period over Christmas. The suspension period is dependent on where Christmas falls so please refer to your garden waste calendar or the My Alerts service for closure period. 
  16. Moving House:
    Within the Rother District: The service is non-transferable and cannot be reallocated to a new address.  Bin(s) must be left at the property for which they were provided.  The service will continue to be provided at the registered property until the next renewal date unless agreed otherwise. No refunds will be made for any remaining period up to the renewal date. You should contact the Council about arranging for a service at your new address if the property is not already receiving the service.
    Outside the Rother District: Service cannot be provided to properties outside the Rother District area. You should contact the relevant council to establish whether it can provide a similar service. No refunds will be made for any remaining period up to the renewal date

Statutory Rights to Cancel

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights. You have fourteen working days (not including Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays) from receipt of these terms and conditions (or acceptance of them if signing up on line), to notify us that you wish to cancel the service. If you cancel within the statutory period then RDC will issue a refund within 15 working days. Notification must be received in writing, by email or through the website.

Data Protection Statement

Rother District Council is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and will only use and store your personal data in line with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 and the Data Protection Act 2018.  We collect and use your personal data in order to provide services you have requested from us or to carry out our legal obligations to you.  We will not disclose your personal data to any third parties, unless we need to do so to provide a service to you or we are legally required to do so.  We may share your personal data with other Council departments in order to provide the service you have requested and to ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate and up to date.  Our Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, use and securely hold your data and can be viewed at:

If you want more information on how a particular Council service uses your personal data, please view the Privacy Notices on our website

Contacting the Council

You can contact the Council in relation to this service by calling 01424 787000, emailing or writing to Garden Waste Service, Town Hall, Bexhill on Sea, TN39 3JX. Most actions relating to this service can also be completed on our Garden Waste page

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