If your waste is fly tipped by you or by someone else on your behalf you could be prosecuted and face a criminal conviction and a heavy fine.

Yes that is right even if someone else has dumped your waste you could be found guilty of fly tipping and face prosecution.

Just think about… 

  • Those builders who did some work on your property recently
  • The local house clearance company you found on the web
  • The friend of a friend who helped get rid of a few bulky piece of furniture
  • The local waste removal company who came and took those items you cant get to the local tip

Our advice is to suspect everyone and check that they are registered to dispose of waste properly or have arranged a suitable third party to dispose of the waste on their behalf Click here to check they have a valid waste carriers licence. If they cannot provide proof that the waste is being disposed of properly and give you appropriate paperwork giving evidence of waste disposal then find someone else who can.

If someone comes to your property and offers to remove something say no unless they can provide you with proof of who they are, their vehicle registration and their waste carriers licence registered with the Environment Agency.

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