How do I dispose of my Christmas tree?

If its a real tree it can be composted. Rother garden waste customers can place trees into their brown bin for collection.

Please remember to cut it up first, it must be contained within your brown bin so it will need chopping up. Don’t leave trees whole next to your brown bin, they wont be collected

Health and safety does not allow operatives to pick up and throw trees directly into the back of the vehicle. Operatives could injure themselves lifting trees or get hurt if a tree falls from the back of the vehicle.

If you are not a Rother garden waste customer you can compost your own tree if you have a compost heap or alternatively take it to your local tip.

If it is an artificial tree and in a suitable condition you can give it away or sell second hand otherwise its got to go to the tip for disposal.

Under no circumstances should Christmas trees be dumped, this is fly tipping which is an offence for which you can be fined. Even though a Christmas tree is organic matter it is your responsibility to dispose of it correctly.

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