Certain medical wastes cannot be accepted in the normal refuse collection, and the Council provides a clinical waste collection and disposal service for residents who are treating themselves.

Strict confidentiality is maintained on the addresses and medical conditions of individuals receiving this service.

The service is for private householders only, and is not available for waste from commercially operated Rest and Care homes.

Where the wastes result from a Health Professional working in a private dwelling, the Local Healthcare NHS Trust and/or the Health professional must make arrangements for the collection.

We will need your Health Professional to verify the nature of the waste we are to collect and a simple form is available for download.

Please be aware that a duty of care form is valid for only a year and therefore Rother are required each year to request a new duty of care form from you for your clinical collection to continue.

Duty of care form

Duty of care form

In most cases, your Doctor is familiar with the ordering process, has copies of the form and can help you.

Alternatively call our Contact Centre for assistance on 01424 787000.