Special assistance with waste and recycling collection is available for those with a genuine need.

You may apply for assistance with putting our your bins if:

  • You are genuinely incapacitated or disabled, either temporarily or permanently;
  • There is no other able-bodied person living in the same property;
  • There is no one else who might help move wheelie bins and recycling boxes to the collection point;
  • You agree to a permanent alternative collection point;
  • You are able to provide proof of incapacity from a Doctor.

Please note:

  • Assisted collections will not be provided based on the length of driveways or distance to the property boundary.
  • Assisted collections cannot be provided because of absence from home on collection days.
  • The level of assistance provided may be subject to review.

To discuss your eligibility for assisted collection please call our Contact Centre on 01424 787000. A Council officer may visit to assess the situation.

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