Following a recent review of its landholding, Rother District Council is considering developing the former putting green site on Old Lydd Road to deliver a new residential scheme providing much-needed family homes. This site has been allocated for residential development within the Council’s Local Plan and could be delivered by Rother District Council’s housing company to provide much-needed housing for the area. 

The scheme aims to provide ten modern family homes, including at least four Affordable Homes, in accordance with the site’s allocation in Rother District Council’s Local Plan. These proposals seek to respond to the high levels of housing need within Camber, providing high-quality housing for local people.  

The Council’s sustainable approach to development includes taking a fabric first approach, to ensure the buildings are energy efficient to run with minimal running costs. A commitment to renewable energy also forms part of the brief to contribute toward the heating and hot water provision. 

Quality aspirations include an easy to navigate and friendly design, incorporating private outdoor amenity space, that is robust and provides safe homes to live in for many years to come.  

Rother District Council’s housing company was formed in 2020. Its purpose is to accelerate the delivery of housing within the District, focusing on meeting identified housing needs within our communities.  

Proposal Details

Officers of the Council met with our architects to discuss the proposals. Please watch this recording of the meeting to find out more:


A site plan showing 10 terraced houses on the corner of Old Lydd Road and Marchants Drive with 20 parking spaces behind them
A set of 4 computer generated images showing examples of what terraced houses will look like from different angles