Rother District Council (RDC) are embarking on a refurbishment and extension of the current toilet and staffing block at Camber Sands Central Carpark. This will create a new Camber Sands Welcome Centre. The fully funded project has successfully been awarded planning permission and is planned to start of site in October 2024.

Free Summer Workshops This July

Free Summer Workshops at Camber Sands Central Car Park. Habitat Workshop on Wednesday 10th July. Dune Management & Care Workshop on Thursday 11th July.

This summer we are holding two days of free events in Camber that explore the local habitat, wildlife, dune management and care. The Public Workshops will be held as part of a wider series of events on Wednesday 10th of July at 4.30pm and Thursday 11th of July 11.00am. Please click below links for further information and to sign up:

Wednesday 10th July – Habitats Workshop

This workshop will focus on investigating, collecting and recording local plants, insects and other wildlife. We will end with a workshop where you will have the opportunity to make your contribution to the Camber Sands Welcome Centre podcast!

Thursday 11th July – Dune Management Workshop

This workshop will focus on investigating the dunes and understanding how to maintain them. We will end with a workshop where you will have the opportunity to make your contribution to the Camber Sands Welcome Centre podcast!

Visual Representations

Visual impression of the external of the building centred on the proposed kiosk. Image shows timber cladding with round window and green window frame, the columns are coloured blue and green to mimic sea flora and fauna.
Visual Impression centred on proposed Kiosk by DK-CM
A sketch of the proposed extension with buildings on either side of a sandy path and people enjoying the beach
Visuals representation of proposals by DK-CM
A sketch of the extension from the top of a dune looking at the car park


Key MilestonesMilestone Date
CIL Funding Announced24/04/23
Planning Application Approved by Committee Decision16/11/23
DLUHC Grant Funding Announced28/03/24
Contractor Procurement Started25/04/24
Pre-Commencement Works Start17/05/24
Contractor Mobilisation Start12/08/24
Camber Sands Facilities Close29/09/24
Planned Start on Site Date30/09/24
Planned Completion (Easter 2025)18/04/25
New Facilities Soft Opening19/04/25
Community Space Opening Event (after summer season)19/09/25


The proposed building has come out of a long process of understanding what doesn’t work and what is needed for the future operation at Camber Sands. The core project themes are:

  • Maximise capacity: improvements to layouts that maximise the capacity & efficiency of all WCs;
  • Condition & sustainability: targeted sustainability investment and rectify known building condition issues;
  • Expand and enrich: new construction to extend and provide space for enhanced activities including commercial space.
internal view of proposed toilet blocks.
View of inside the improved toilets, including brushed stainless-steel cubicles, new hardwearing pigmented screed floors, exposed timber roof structure with natural light let in through new translucent polycarbonate panels
View of colonnade showing columns and exposed timber structure. Columns are coloured green mimicking seaside flora and fauna.
View of colonnade showing the bespoke pre-cast columns recycling existing concrete roof tiles and exposed timber roof structure.
Both Images by DK-CM

The proposals include benefits such as:

  • 180% increase in toilet provision (from 21 existing toilets including urinals to 38 over three rooms)
  • Significantly improve Coastal Operations office the HQ for Operation Radcott the multi-agency sea safety operation base on Camber Sands.
  • Increased first aid facilities, with a major and minor spaces.
  • New permanent large RNLI storage.
  • New Welfare Facility to seasonal staff to be hireable community space off-season.
  • New kiosk for income generation.
  • New and improved building facilities including rainwater harvestings, solar panels and sustainable urban drainage systems.
  • Dune management, ecology and sea safety education.

A new kiosk will offer opportunities to provide visitors with useful information, including nearby amenities and places of interest and details of local wildlife encouraging a better understanding of the unique sand dune environment, The intention is to also provide a small, healthy, and environmentally sustainable take-away food and drink offer, utilising local suppliers. Out of season, it is anticipated the kiosk can be made available for hire for community use, schools and by local residents, dependant on the provider.


Rother District Council have progressed through detailed design of the proposals and are now inviting tenderers to submit bids for the construction contract. The details and full tender package have been released on the South East Shared Services Portal with reference: RDC – 037661.

Please visit South East Shared Services E Portal by clicking here

This is being managed by RDC’s shared procurement service East Sussex Procurement Hub ESPH. The information is also available on Contracts Finder (click here to view).

On 16th November 2024 Planning Committee unanimously Granted (Full Planning) to the Application for Camber Sands Welcome Centre.

The Planning application reference RR/2023/1743/P can be viewed by clicking here.

To View the Planning Committee Report completed by the Case Officer (click Here)

Summary from the report states:

The redevelopment of this tourist facility within the development boundary of Camber is considered an improvement of the existing site and is an acceptable proposal in principle. The proposal would not have an adverse impact on the character and appearance of the area, harm the amenities of neighbouring properties and would be acceptable in terms of flood risk. Subject to conditions, the proposal is considered acceptable in terms of traffic management, biodiversity and habitat protection.

Prior to submission and throughout planning RDC held several consultation events and amended our designs following community and stakeholder feedback. Information about these changes can be found in the planning submission, with a brief summary of the most prominent changes shown below:

Visual drawing of Camber by lead consultant DK-CM. A sketch of a child is pointing at a map of the Camber area which has pictures of wild birds on it
Visual drawing of Camber by lead consultant DK-CM
IssueResponseChange Made
First Floor
The Project Team understand neighbour concerns regarding the originally proposed balcony on the first floor of the welcome centre. Its intention was to create further welfare space for summer officers, and it would have had strict hours of operation.However due to comments made within the application and a cost review of the proposals, alongside increase costs of maintenance, the balcony has been removed from the proposal.
Water for community gardenThis will be included in the moving of the showers to the north side of the building.A tap will be included for community use and a water Butt installed specifically to feed the community garden.
Kiosk might impact current local businessThe intention of the kiosk is to hold other required uses such as Sea Safety Information and Dune education as well as a landing space for public queries upon arrival alongside a small takeaway offer.Further direct consultation with local and adjacent businesses will happen in Autumn to discuss more detailed concerns around the specifics of the offer and the running of the new proposed kiosk.
Flooding and surface water concernsThe project team are aware of the difficulties of surface water flooding in the carpark and from the footbaths, this project can only improve that related to the building itself and its uses.Sustainable drainage is being introduced into the scheme in the form of permeable paving to the exterior this will also house sand traps that are easily maintainable to reduce surface water flooding from the building and footbaths.
Concerns with Unisex ToiletsThree separate toilets are required for ongoing cleaning and maintenance which requires shutting toilets throughout the day, as well as meeting up to date equalities legislation.The names of the toilets will now be clarified as ‘Male Only Toilets’; ‘Toilets’; ‘Female Only Toilets’ and ‘Disabled Toilets and Baby Change’. To address concerns two ‘Superloos’ have been added to the third toilet facility which include basins within the cubicle.
Tide ClockSuggestions were made to move the tide clock to face the carpark. This has not been taken on board as the current position is deemed best for sea safety.The tide clock and arrow are designed to quickly highlight when the tide changes. It shows which direction the tide is moving alongside safety information, which will alert beach goers of the change from the beach.
Height of
The tower serves a number of functions including wayfinding and will act as a heat chimney in the summer reducing the need for mechanical cooling in the hot summer months.Following comments, the height of the tower was marginally reduced to enable it to still provide its core function alongside less impact for adjacent neighbours.

Future updates to this project will be added to this page.

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