In 2018, Rother District Council purchased the freehold on six industrial units comprising 1,599 square metres at Beeching Road Industrial Estate in Bexhill. Run by Rother District Council working with Flatland Projects the Beeching Road Studios (BRS) are a creative hub hosting a number of creative practitioners and businesses.

The Beeching Road Studios development is overseen by a steering group comprising, RDC, the De La Warr Pavilion, Flatland Projects, Talent Accelerator and Arts Council.

Beeching Road Studios has been established as:

A distinctive, visual arts-led creative cluster of …

  • Artists and makers
  • Craft, design and media businesses and their supply chains
  • Specialist training and education providers and their students

… that offers tenants, service users and visitors …

  • A variety of attractive, affordable and secure spaces
  • Access to high-quality support services, facilities, learning and cultural experiences
  • Opportunities for collaboration, career development and business growth

… which is based in Beeching Road, Bexhill but is accessible and connected to …

  • Local residents and businesses
  • Other regional creative communities and workspaces
  • Commercial, cultural, educational and civic institutions
  • National and international talents, markets, networks and opportunities.

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Flatland Projects at Beeching Road Studios

Further Information

For more information on availability and to apply for an individual studio please visit the Beeching Road Studios website.

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