The Committee deals with planning applications which normally relate to major, complicated or controversial proposals. Please refer to the agenda for the Committee meeting to view the running order.

In addition to the Planning Committee meeting on the Thursdays, Members of the Planning Committee carry out site inspections within the district for relevant applications once a month on the Tuesday immediately preceding the Thursday. Inspections assist consideration of the more complex proposals. The inspections by coach commence at 9.30am from Bexhill Town Hall and are carried out by Councillors accompanied by a Planning Officer. The inspections are purely to view the site and are undertaken on an unaccompanied basis.

Public Speaking at Committee

The Council allows some opportunity for the public to address the Planning Committee. Details can be found on the Public speaking at planning committee page.

Note on Late Representations

Unless representations relate to an item which is still subject to further consultation (and appears on the agenda as a matter to be delegated subject to the expiry of the consultation period) any further representations in respect of planning applications on the Planning Committee agenda must be received by the Development Manager in writing by 9am on the Monday before the meeting at the latest. Any representation received after this time cannot be considered.

Note on Planning Committee Decisions

In certain circumstances the Planning Committee will indicate that it is only prepared to grant/refuse planning permission if/unless certain amendments to a proposal are undertaken or the application is subject to the completion of outstanding or further consultations. In these circumstances the Head of Service Strategy and Planning can be delegated the authority to issue the decision of the Planning Committee once the requirements of the Committee has been satisfactorily complied with. A delegated decision does not mean that planning permission or refusal will automatically be issued. If there are consultation objections, difficulties, or negotiations which cannot be satisfactorily concluded, then the application will be reported back to the Planning Committee or reported via the (internal electronic) Notified D system as a means of providing further information for elected Members. This delegation also allows the Head of Service Strategy and Planning to negotiate and amend applications, conditions, reasons for refusal and notes commensurate with the instructions of the Committee.

Applications requiring the applicant entering into an obligation under section 106 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) are also delegated.

In all cases applicants should not start work until receiving the formal decision notice which may contain conditions of which they are not fully aware. Similarly a delegated decision from Planning Committee should not be construed as a formal decision. Only when the provisos of the delegation have been completed satisfactorily will the Local Planning Authority be in a position to issue the formal decision notice.

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