What to comment on

When commenting on a planning application there are certain relevant issues that can be taken into account.

The following are relevant issues to comment on:

  • whether the proposed use is a suitable one for the area
  • whether the appearance and size of a new building is in keeping with its neighbours and the surrounding area
  • whether the external alterations to an existing building are in character
  • whether any neighbouring property will suffer any overshadowing, overlooking or loss of privacy
  • whether there will be any increase in noise and disturbance, for example from the movement of any extra traffic
  • whether new public buildings have satisfactory access for the disabled
  • whether new access road and vehicle parking areas will be safe for road users and pedestrians
  • whether, in the case of an application for an advertisement, the proposed sign is too large, unsightly and/or is likely to give rise to any highway safety issues
  • whether a public footpath is affected
  • whether there is any visual impact upon the landscape i.e.. loss of trees and hedgerows
  • whether the proposal conflicts with the Council’s planning policies

The Department for Communities and Local Government – Planning, building and the environment  provide further advice.

The following are not considered to be relevant issues to comment on:

  • loss of view
  • boundary and other disputes between neighbours e.g. private rights of way, conflicts with covenants
  • health and safety and party wall matters
  • loss of trade from individual competing businesses
  • loss of property value
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