To name or rename an existing property, you must be the owner of the property (i.e. NOT the tenant). This means you must own the freehold, not the leasehold.

A property name will not be formally changed where the property is in the process of being purchased. Only when contracts are exchanged can a name change request be accepted.

Please note that proposed property names must not duplicate or be similar to any name already in use within the town or village or in the same postcode area (e.g., TN40). A variation in the suffix, for example, ‘hill’, ‘house’, ‘cottage’, etc., would not constitute sufficient change. This will fall under the discretion of the Street Naming and Numbering Officer. You can use the FindMyAddress service to check if your proposed property name, or a similar name, is in use in the locality.

There is no guarantee that your proposed property name will be accepted.


Before applying for this service, please ensure that you have fully read and understood the Street Naming and Numbering Policy.


Fees for this service can be found on the Street Naming and Numbering page.

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