Current Position

The Fairlight Neighbourhood Plan is now treated as abandoned and, as such, responsibility for planning policies and the allocation of sites will revert to Rother District Council.


27 Feb 2018

Abandonment of the Fairlight Neighbourhood Plan

At the Fairlight Parish Council meeting on 27 February 2018 the Parish Council considered, and approved, the recommendation to stop work on the Fairlight Neighbourhood Plan.

9 Nov 2015

Designation of Fairlight Parish as a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 7)

Rother District Council confirmed that the marked area shown on the submitted map (being that of Fairlight Parish) was formally designated as a Neighbourhood Area.

29 Jul 2015

Application for the designation of Fairlight Parish as a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 5)

Fairlight Parish Council (as the relevant body) submitted to Rother District Council an application for the designation of Fairlight Parish as a Neighbourhood Area, along with the following documents:

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