We are now taking new planning enforcement complaints submitted through the online form below.  However please be aware during the Covid-19 pandemic officers will only visit a site where it does not compromise their personal safety and is in accordance with the Council’s site visits protocol. Delays will occur where a site visit cannot be undertaken at this time.

If you would like to make a complaint regarding a potential breach in planning control you will need to fully complete and submit an enforcement complaint form in this section. Please see below to begin completing the form.

It would be advisable if you first visit the Council’s planning and building control website to ascertain what, if any planning permissions have been granted at the site. The website includes planning decisions and details about Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas within the District.

The Council’s planning enforcement function does not deal with the following types of complaints:

  • Neighbour disputes, including works to party walls, landownership issues, trivial domestic breaches of planning control driven by neighbour disputes and deeds of covenants issues. On non-planning matters you will need to seek your own legal advice.
  • Non-taxed vehicles Please visit GOV.UK
  • Smoke/dust/noise/vibration or odour Please contact Rother District Council Environmental Health Service on 01424 787000
  • For Highways, please contact East Sussex County Council
  • Breach of licenses for business premises Please contact Rother District Council Environmental Health service on 01424 787000
  • Transfer of waste or household waste sites please contact East Sussex County council, waste management on 0345 6080194
  • Dangerous Structures Please contact Rother & Hastings Building Control Partnership on 01424 787680
  • Fly tipping
  • Dog Fouling
  • Graffiti

If you still think there is a breach of planning control you will need to:

  1. Complete all sections (mandatory) of the enforcement complaint form otherwise your complaint will not be processed.
  2. Please attach any supporting evidence including photos, drawings (retaining a copy your own records) you think assist in explaining your complaint as they will speed up our investigation.

This is not a long or difficult process, but it is required to greatly assist our planning enforcement officers to obtain clear and specific details about the alleged breach.

Rother District Council reserves the right not to investigate your complaint unless you have fully completed the form.

There may also be occasions when the Council decides not to investigate your complaint if it is deemed not to be expedient and/or in the public interest to do so. You will be informed if it is decided not to investigate your complaint.

The Council will only acknowledge receipt of your complaint form via email.


I would ask you to think carefully in the first instance as to whether your allegation relates to a neighbour dispute and whether, in any case, it is in the public interest to pursue.

On this basis I look forward to receiving your completed enforcement complaint form which will enable us to attend to your concern. Please remember the form has a number of mandatory fields.

Please be aware the Council’s resources have been significantly reduced whilst, at the same time, our complaint workload remains very high. Consequently a PRIORITY system has been set up to deal with those alleged breaches which have the greatest potential impact thereby dealing with these allegations in the first instance. (Please see the priority table under related downloads)

This will inevitably lead to some delays in dealing with relatively minor alleged breaches of planning control. I would therefore appreciate your patience.

For any further information please follow the links below to the Local Enforcement Plan – Policy.

Local Enforcement Plan – Planning Enforcement Policy

Tim Hickling
Service Manager – Strategy and Planning

PriorityType of alleged unauthorised DevelopmentInvestigation Timescale
  • Demolition or alterations to a Listed Building
  • Felling or works to a preserved tree, tree in a Conservation Area
  • Breaches of planning control or conditions which results in serious harm to amenity in a neighbourhood and affects a number of parties and requires immediate attention
  • Development which is likely to have a permanent impact on a Conservation Area
As soon as possible, complaints given priority over medium and low category
  • Which causes demonstrable harm to the residential enjoyment of neighbouring properties or appears to be otherwise clearly in conflict with planning policy
  • Breaches of planning control or conditions where the time limit for enforcement action will expire within the next six months
As soon as possible, depending upon merits of the case
  • Advert control not included above
  • Breaches which are technical in nature and not in significant conflict with planning policy
  • Breaches which are temporary in nature
  • Breaches likely to be resolved quickly by negotiation
As soon as possible, with all complaints placed in a queue from date of receipt

Please click the button below to complete our online planning enforcement complaints form: