If you still think there is a breach of planning control you will need to:

  1. Complete all sections (mandatory) of the enforcement complaint form otherwise your complaint will not be processed.
  2. Please attach any supporting evidence including photos, drawings (retaining a copy your own records) you think assist in explaining your complaint as they will speed up our investigation.

This is not a long or difficult process, but it is required to greatly assist our planning enforcement officers to obtain clear and specific details about the alleged breach.

Rother District Council reserves the right not to investigate your complaint unless you have fully completed the form.

There may also be occasions when the Council decides not to investigate your complaint if it is deemed not to be expedient and/or in the public interest to do so. You will be informed if it is decided not to investigate your complaint.

The Council will only acknowledge receipt of your complaint form via email.


We would ask you to think carefully in the first instance as to whether your allegation relates to a neighbour dispute and whether, in any case, it is in the public interest to pursue as set out in the criteria above.

Please click the button below to complete our online planning enforcement complaints form:

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