Rother welcomes its first cohort of Energy Champions

The first Energy Champions training in Rother was held at Town Hall on Thursday 27th July. In response to the Climate Emergency, Rother District Council commissioned Energise Sussex Coast to train volunteers who want to help others to bring down their energy bills, save energy and reduce emissions.

The opportunity attracted record registration numbers for Energise Sussex Coast compared to training delivered in other areas.

The training covered topics such as understanding energy bills, fuel poverty and the impact of the fuel crisis, identifying ways we can reduce energy and heat loss in our homes and opportunities for local ‘Community Energy’ – collective action to reduce usage, purchase, and generate renewable energy. Rother’s new Energy Champions will now be offered additional online and in-person training and support by Energise Sussex Coast and Rother District Council to go on to set up their own local projects, which could take a range of formats, such as attending local events to give energy advice, thermal imaging services, solar streets projects or hosting energy workshops.

A photo of the energy champions standing outside the front of the Rother District Council offices
A photo from the session with 4 people gathered around a table reading a plan

Cllr Kathryn Field, cabinet member for Environmental, Licensing, Community Safety and Climate Strategy at Rother District Council, said:

“The Council is committed to helping residents reduce energy usage and save money on their bills. Emissions from domestic properties equate to over a third of Rother’s district-wide carbon footprint. The advice provided by the newly trained Energy Champions will help to reduce these emissions, and lower bills, through small energy efficiency measures. Reduced emissions mean cleaner air, fewer respiratory diseases and savings for the NHS.”

Published: 3rd August 2023

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