In 2006/07 specialist sport and leisure consultants, PMP Consultancy undertook an audit and assessment of Rother’s open spaces, sport and recreation facilities to see whether existing provision meets the needs of local people, and to determine what provision should be made for the future.

The Study looked at all green spaces and sports provision within the District including sites and facilities in the ownership of  Town and Parish Council’s, the County Council and private owners.

The Green Spaces audited included parks and gardens, woodlands and scrubland, green corridors, outdoor sports facilities, children’s play areas, amenity greenspace within housing developments, allotments, coastal areas and cemeteries and churchyards.

Local standards for quality, quantity and accessibility of provision were set enabling shortfalls in provision to be identified.  This information will be used to determine green space, sport and recreation requirements within new residential developments. The findings were also used to inform Rother’s Children’s Play Strategy and Rother’s Green Infrastructure Study.

As part of the Study, PMP undertook an extensive programme of research and consultation with users, providers and other key organisations regarding the quantity, quality and accessibility of open space within Rother.  Surveys were completed by over 700 households and 600 school children throughout the District.  Sports clubs and Town and Parish Councils also contributed to the process.

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For further information on this study, contact Rebecca Owen, Parks Development Officer on 01424 787522 or

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