Complaints & Compliments

If you live in RDC owned or leased accommodation then we want to know when we could have done something better or if you are unhappy with something. We want to put things right.

It is really easy to raise a complaint. You can:

  • email your complaint
  • send a letter by writing to the Rother District Council Housing Team at Town Hall, Bexhill, TN39 3JX
  • telephone 01424 787000
  • speak to a staff member

You can also ask someone else to raise a complaint for you (a family member, for example) We will need permission from you to investigate.

We treat all complaints seriously and will ensure any actions or learning are implemented at RDC to make sure we are improving on what we do.

Make things right

The government has launched the ‘Make things right’ campaign to ensure those living in social housing who have issues with their home know their rights, know how to complain, and feel empowered in the knowledge that their voice will be heard. For more information, please visit the Make Things Right webpage by clicking the button below

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Complaints Policy

You can view our complaints policy here.

We love hearing when we do well too! We log and learn from the compliments too!

If you have other feedback or a compliment to leave we would be very happy to receive it. You can contact the main office (at the registered address above)

Why do we want to hear about complaints?

At Rother we wish to provide the best service in a fair way for everyone. If you feel we haven’t achieved this we want to know so we can learn, develop, and put things right.

Our Aims

  • Have all complaints responded to within 20 working days
  • Treat all complaints seriously
  • Be fair in our investigations
  • Identify where things have gone wrong, apologise and put things right where we can
  • Learn from complaints
  • Improve our service

The RDC accommodation team strive to provide the best service to its residents in both their owned accommodation and leased accommodation. However, if you feel we have not achieved this then we want to know and to be able to put things right.

What happens when a complaint is raised?

You will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint, in writing, within 5 working days from receipt.

On most occasions we will contact you to either meet with you in person, or talk to you over the telephone, to resolve your complaint.

Where this is not possible, or appropriate, we will tell you about the next steps, and who will be leading on the complaint.

If we decide not to accept a complaint then a detailed explanation will be provided to explain to you the reasons why the matter is not suitable for the complaints process.

You have a right to a review of your complaint if you are not satisfied with initial outcome.

If you are living in RDC managed accommodation– you can contact the Housing Ombudsman or you can email them at any stage of a complaint. You can also check out our Housing self-assessment form.

Matters excluded from complaints are as follows:

  • the issue giving rise to the complaint occurred over six months ago, other than in exceptional circumstances
  • the issue is, or has been, subject to legal proceedings
  • the element of the complaint that relates to an insurance claim
  • the complaint has been considered already
  • the complaint is being pursued in an unreasonable way

Complaints related to noise or anti social behaviour may be dealt with through a separate ASB procedure depending on circumstances.

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