If you, or someone you are supporting, is applying for entry clearance into the UK to live within Rother District you will need a confirmation letter that any proposed accommodation is suitable.

What is a property inspection?

The purpose of an inspection is to check the proposed accommodation is safe, in a good state of repair, with no health and safety related issues and of a suitable size for the number of occupants.

Following the inspection, if the property is found to meet all the relevant standards, a letter will be issued within 5 working days that can be submitted to the UK Border Agency with the entry clearance application.

What information do I have to provide?

If you would like us to carry out a property inspection you must provide the following:

  • The full name and date of birth of the person applying for entry clearance
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Full address of the property to be inspected
  • Copy of the title deeds for the property showing ownership
  • Copy of photographic identification for the owner of the property (passport, driving licence)
  • If the property is rented, a copy of the tenancy agreement
  • If the property is rented, written consent from the landlord that the applicant can move into the property
  • If the property is rented, copy of photographic identification for the owner of property (passport,  driving licence)

The documents must be brought to the Town Hall in Bexhill-on-Sea and an officer will check them and take copies. A convenient date and time will be arranged after payment has been made.

What will happen during the inspection?

During the inspection the officer will require access into all rooms in the property. The officer will walk around each room and look for any defects that could affect the health and safety of anyone living in the property. All rooms (except for the kitchen and bathroom) will be measured so the officer can calculate the maximum number of people that can live in the property before it becomes overcrowded.

How much will it cost?

The service costs £120. Payment is made using our Immigration inspection payment system Please note that the fee must be paid before the inspection will be carried out.

If you choose to cancel the inspection, please refer to the terms and conditions on the payment page (and your emailed receipt) relating to refunds of the fee.

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