Please note that the Council are not responsible for weeds or invasive plants unless they are on Council land. We do not provide a service for the identification of weeds, this must be carried out by a professional.

Natural England has advice on invasive weeds and DEFRA investigates matters which may be an offence under the Weeds Act 1959.

The Council may be able to investigate invasive weeds under certain circumstances. Please use the reporting form to see what we can help with and for advice on who else can help. Please note, anonymous complaints cannot be processed.

Before reporting potential invasive weeds in a neighbouring property we recommend speaking to the owner and seeking the services of a professional.

If this is not successful or where individuals are not approachable, think about writing to them and if this does not work, then why not try contacting the free mediation service we partner with, who can assist you in communicating with your neighbour. Please note that mediation is voluntary and both parties need to engage in order to come to a mutual agreement.

You can also take your own action through the magistrate’s court.

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