We can investigate where artificial light is entering a property or garden and making the property brighter in such a way that prevents normal living or forces a change in behaviour.

Before reporting a light nuisance to us we recommend speaking to the person causing it as they may not be aware of the issue.

If this is not successful or where individuals are not approachable, we work with a free mediation service who can assist you in communicating with your neighbour. We recommend phoning them on 01424 446 808 to discuss their services before you report the problem to us.

You can also take your own action through the magistrate’s court.

Please use the reporting form to see what we can help with and for advice on who else can help. Please note, anonymous complaints cannot be processed.

For complaints about street lights please contact East Sussex Highways.

For complaints about illuminated shop signs please contact Customer Services on 01424 787000 and ask for our Planning Enforcement team.


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